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Fibres for Adhesives & Sealants, Goonvean Fibres manufactures a range of products for use in tile and flooring adhesives

Precision Cut Mod-Acrylic 17.00 decitex

Precision Cut Synthetic Fibres

Product overview

Precision Cut Mod-Acrylic 17.00 decitex

The 17 dtex fibres are used in sub floor adhesive coatings and roof sealants to provide a flexible but resilient coating that is capable of resisting high temperatures.

Fibres are widely used in intumescent paints and sealants to provide additional protection during fires, this is achieved by fibre expansion in joints and painted steel structures under extreme temperatures.

Fibres can also be used in exterior paints to improve coating performance and crack bridging reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Product variants

Product code Cut length (mm) Melting point (degC) Colour    
KDY17/40 4.00 Chars above 230 Yellow