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Refractory, Construction and Building, Goonvean Fibres has a range of products for reinforcing a variety of applications

Precision Cut Viscose Rayon 3.30 decitex

Precision Cut Semi-synthetic fibres

Product overview

Precision Cut Viscose Rayon 3.30 decitex

Viscose fibre has an exceptional dye affinity making it perfect for use in security and speciality papers such as bank notes and lottery tickets etc.

A wide range of colours are available and most pantone colours can be matched on request.

The 3.3 decitex short cut fibre has been used in oil well drilling operations to replace non-biodegradable synthetic fibres.

V3 and V6 cut lengths are used in the manufacture of specialist air filters and hygiene products.

Product variants

Product code Cut length (mm) Melting point (degC) Colour